The Wilder Life

Welcome to the Wilder blog! 

January is a natural time of year for pauses, reflections, and the beginnings of new chapters. It is hard to believe, even for us, that this past New Year marked the second anniversary of Wilder Goods as we--and you--know it! It was two years ago that we were laying our floor, painting walls, shuffling sewing machines around the shop, and kicking off the beginning of a new chapter for Wilder and our friends at Thom Bargen

Our space has steadily evolved over these last two years, and those bare shelves have begun to see some activity. These are a few of our 'baby photos'.


This blog is one of the new pages in our next chapter. We hope to use this space to connect, share, and engage with you. We will be posting updates about happenings in the shop, new products we are working on--anything we'd like you to know. Our hope is also to share with you our thoughts and musings about things that get us excited, get us thinking, and move us outdoors.

Welcome to the WILDER life. Thanks for coming along for the ride.